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What is paintball? Why should I play at an organized field?
Is paintball safe? Will the paint stain my clothes?
What is the speed limit at Splatterpark? Does it hurt when you get shot?
Who can play paintball at Splatterpark? How much will it cost?

What is paintball?  Paintball is a sport for various aged players who divide up into teams and usually play capture the flag.  The game may be played in the woods or on  "concept" field that is usually on a flat surface with various bunkers (obstacles).  The game played on the concept type field is usually call speedball.  The games is played with a gas powered gun, sometimes called a marker, that shoots a projectile, called a paintball.  Paintballs are made of water soluble fill encased by a gelatin based shell.   Paintball are non-toxic, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly.  During the course of the game, the object is to not be eliminated and to attain the objective of the game (namely capturing the flag),  If you are hit with a paintball and it breaks, you are eliminated.  For more on paintball visit First Timers for an in depth arictle. [TOP]

Is paintball safe?  Paintball is one of the safest sports around.  Like all action sports (baseball, football, soccer, etc.)  though, following the safety rules is mandatory.  Goggles must be worn at all times.  And, barrel covers must be used when coming off the field or in the staging areas.  As an industry, paintball has had fewer reported accidents than any of the regular high school type sports and even ballet. For more information visit Safety. [TOP]

What is the speed limit at Splatterpark?  The speed of a paintball is measured in the fps (feet per second) of the paintball as it leaves the barrel of the gun.  The speed limit at Splatterpark is 285 fps.  This is adjusted for Tournament play. [TOP]

Who can play paintball at Splatterpark?  Most any aged individual can play at splatterpark.  We've had players ranging in age from pre-teens to senior citizens.  Parents often ask what the minimum age is.  Although the minimum age is 10, a parent or guardian must give permission to play at Splatterpark for minors.   Keep in mind that the ability to participate is usually determined by the maturity level of the player.  A parent is usually better able to determine if their child would be able to play the game and follow the rules.  This would include the 2 most imperative rules of keeping your goggles on and knowing when to use your barrel cover.  If your child is 10 or older and you feel they may have some difficulty following these rules, they should either not play or you should play the game next to them. [TOP]

Why should I play at an organized field?  Playing at an organized field like Splatterpark is in our opinion the best and safest way to play paintball.  With our numerous staff members, you can be assured an environment in which fun, safe play is stressed.  Unlike "back yard" fields, we make sure all players are following the rules all the time.  Playing at  Splatterpark also offers you multiple fields in and out of the woods that cannot be duplicated easily on your own land.  We simply have the most to offer: variety, safety & peace of mind. [TOP]

Will the paint stain my clothes?  Paintballs are nonstaining, nontoxic, and biodegradable.  As such, the paintball fill will not permanently stain your clothes.  Your clothes can be laundered as normal to remove any paint residue.  Although paintball are nonstaining, we do recommend that you wear older clothes as you will be going through the woods and may get dirty. For more info on clothing visit Clothing[TOP]

Does it hurt when you get shot?  Getting shot with a paintball is often described as getting flicked with a wet towel.  Many players are usually apprehensive about getting shot, but when your adrenaline starts pumping, sometimes you do not even feel a hit.  A good course of action is to wear a long sleeved shirt, long pants and some type of gloves.  These items, along with the protective mask/goggle system, will increase the barrier to your skin and decrease the effects of a hit. [TOP]

How much will it cost?  A day of paintball varies in cost depending on how much paint you shoot and what your skill level is.  With our convenient Splatterpacks available for rental players, you can play for as little as $25.  The average player usually spends somewhere between $35 and $45.  [TOP]




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