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We want to thank the 2800+ players that participated in our 2013 Big Games.

  We look forward to seeing you at a Big Game in 2014.  Keep checking back for more information...

Sunday, May 4th, 2014 Sunday, October 5th,  2014

Registration 7:00 am  Game Begins 9:30 am

Registration 7:00 am  Game Begins 9:30 am




SPRING BIG GAME 2014- Scenario / Timeline / Mission info / 2014 Spring Game MAP            

EMP: Darness Returns Sunday May 4, 2014

Join over a thousand paintballers for a great day of fun and prizes!  (updated Spring 2014)

SplatterPark Paintball Games 5560 CR 109 Mount Gilead, OH 43338  (419) 946-4964

Welcome to the Big Game. We wish to offer you a safe, fun, and affordable playing environment. Big games at SplatterPark have many surprises that can thrill you or startle you, either way; the memories will stay with you forever! You will be participating in a 6-½ hour continuous game, which will involve many facets other than what you are used to during recreational play! Due to the complexities of this game all players should read this page and become familiar with rules, the map, and the locations of specific areas of service. If you don’t, you are at a disadvantage!


SplatterPark is Field Paint Only facility and Big Games are Event Paint Only. No carry on paintballs, smoke or grenades.

Gates open at 6:00 a.m.

Day of registration begins at 7:00 a.m.

BIG GAME CREDENTIAL is your receipt & must be visible at all times! Do not lose it - no other will be given!

    Credential contains a raffle ticket for prizes called out during the day at the SuperSale. Check prize board at the SuperSale to claim your prize. Prizes not claimed by 4:00 p.m. will be included in the Prize Toss.

Pre-Register at to be eligible for the pre-registered players raffle!

Regular pricing applies to Big Games. Air punches are provided with Full Pack / Half Pack purchases.

Additional air tokens can be purchased – (2) tokens for $5 or (1) token for $3.

AIRPASS can be purchased for $10 for unlimited air fills on respective tank.

Rent a HPA tank for only $10.00 with valid driver’s license. Includes all day air! Save time and money instead of standing in line for CO2 fills.

Game Begins at 9:30 a.m. -- Reign in Paint at 3:45 p.m. -- Prizes at 4:00 p.m.

Lunch is served between 11:30 p.m. and 1:30 p.m.

Pepsi / Gatorade / Snack products are available at the Tippmann Cafe.

Bottled water will be available in various locations.

Chronograph/Target Range is available to you after you have registered and have had a safety briefing. Field limit is 285 FPS. Use the target range to tune your marker. Entry point Referees will chrono your gun before you are allowed entry to playing area. No tools allowed at insertion chronos. Tools will be confiscated at insertion points and on field of play.

Gun Techs available from Vendors at the SuperSale.

Make sure your equipment is working before arriving for the Big Game. Rental guns are available for $15.00. Be sure to make sure your tank is in date. If it is not, we will not fill it. Rental HPA tanks are $10.00 with a valid driver’s license.

Safety Rules must be followed as posted in every staging area.

We are not responsible for your gear – keep track of your belongings.

Teams / Armbands – Team armbands can be found at the HQ/Info Scoreboard table.

Dress for battle. Props, explosions, visual weapons, and other varieties of excitement will be deployed. Working with props or attempting to obtain props may have certain inherent dangers and/or risks. Do not attempt to do anything beyond your physical ability.

We cannot be responsible for encountering beings that are elusive, frightening, and hungry for human blood.

Members of the world’s elite and public media may be in attendance to control what you see and think. No spectators on field of play. No outside photographers/videographers permitted.

This is not a drill, be prepared to have a great time!

Equipment Restrictions as follows: Ghillie suits must be approved by the Ultimate Judge. No modified mask/goggle systems, trip wires, pyrotechnics, knives, PUGS, tanks, air cannons, laser sights, homemade weapons, or changing colors of armbands. Pump action, semi auto, response, rebound, and ramping modes are allowed. 15 BPS limit. NO FULL AUTO. Pistols must remain plugged and holstered while in neutral areas. NERF rockets are NOT permitted. NO Rogue or Mercenary squads are permitted. Use of CARRY ON PAINT or NOT OBEYING THE SAFETY RULES or restrictions, will result in expulsion from premises. No soliciting.

SplatterPark employees are clearly identified by our trademark safety green attire, so if there is anything you need please let us assist you!


Ultimate Judge and Park Coordinator: Sean Moore

Big Game Field Marshal: Disco Dan

Jack Boot Thugs: Wyrm

Objective: To have fun and complete missions to acquire points for your team. The park has been turned into a map of critical missions that can benefit you or destroy you. The completion of respective missions can accumulate points for your team, may give your team access to certain weapons, or may be detrimental to your team. The next 6.5 hours are a continuous game of Capture the Flag with several Tactical Twists. Insertion Referees will guide you into battle. Most insertions will be to fortify your base camp. You MAY be sent to ruin someone’s position. Your defensive base camps are on opposite sides of the field and must be defended at all times. Bases are vulnerable to attack while a continuous game of Capture the Flag ensues. The Jack Boot Thugs will ensure fair and safe insertions. The Jack Boot Thugs are here to prevent the stalkers, poachers, and dishonorable play that compromise the insertions. Have fun and get ready for a great day of paintball!

Referee’s and Jack Boot Thugs decisions are final.

BASES – Blue Team (BT) Practical Preppers (Dark Forest) hosts the Blue Base Camp.

Orange Team (OT) Tin Foil Hat (Sniper’s Hollow) hosts the Orange Base Camp. Capture the Flag is continuous from 9:30am to 3:30pm. Successful captures and hangs are worth 600 points. You cannot touch or possess opposing team’s flags or props. Referees will maintain flags after a successful hang.

Teams / Armbands – Team armbands will be checked out at the scoreboard. 1 armband per player. Players are prohibited from switching colors during game play.

Scores – The scoreboard will be located at the SuperSale. Scores will be based on difficulty of mission and possession of certain key spots during game play. Eliminations DO count for points. Each Chrono ref will have a counter and will call in their totals on the hour to report kill counts. 1 point per kill. Mission points vary depending on difficulty of scenario and for retrieving props. Flag Stations will be located on field of play. Control of designated Flag Station with respective team’s color flag flying will award respective team 400 points. Flag station points will be awarded on each half hour. Control of your Base Camp will award your team 1300 points.

Eliminations – If a ball breaks on you or anything you are carrying, you are eliminated! This includes shields, props, wagons, flags; backpacks etc…Play with honor – CALL YOUR HITS! NO MEDICS! Leave the field of play and go to insertion point for re-entry to field of play.

Insertion points – Credentials must be visible at all times. Both teams will be rallying in the neutral zone  near the two insertion points. Be diplomatic! While most insertions will fortify respective base camps, insertions will alternate and be tactically oriented. You must be inserted with a team, no rogue insertions. All insertions will be staged by SplatterPark Referees. You will be inserted through the central path or the east side path depending on nature of mission or re-deployment. Some insertions may require you to be placed in a bull pen called the Ring of Doom near your base camp to prevent poachers. Barrel Covers on until we spring into action on playing field. Insertion refs will monitor insertions and the Jack Boot Thugs may attack  to ensure fair insertions. White Flag designates neutral inserted players. Players must stay with insertion until they are called live players at drop off point.

Safe Houses – Located on the map near Splatter Hill and Dark Forest respectively. NO INSERTIONS FROM SAFE HOUSES. Barrel covers must be on gun before entering Safe House. By entering a safe house you are removing yourself from play and agree to leave field of play and re-enter only with a team insertion.

NO MEDICS…Play with honor!

Black Helicopters – Have the ability to operate a Helo for recon, air strikes, or to drop paratroopers behind enemy lines. Persons carrying Helo cannot be eliminated until they have “jumped” from Helo and have “paratrooped” into playing area.

Jack Boot Thugs: On the hour we will select 50 people from each team to play the role of a Jack Boot Thug. The Jack Boot Thugs are heavily armored, have mandated RFID chips implanted, make no rational decisions, and do what they are told. Jack Boot Thugs are especially hard to eliminate. They do not die from one hit. No matter where you hit them they will keep coming at you. The Jack Boot Thugs will be monitored by an insertion referee. The Jack Boot Thugs are here to prevent the stalkers, poachers, and dishonorable play that compromise the insertions.

Role Playing: Special Weapons Cards and Weapons of Mass Destruction ploys will be engaged and played out by players selected by Field Marshal Disco. Cards will be available at insertion point. Use special cards wisely.

The Story:  

 I’m just sitting here – drinking my coffee, scrolling through Facebook with the windows open. It is a beautiful spring morning. About 60 degrees, sunny, and just a slight breeze through my office window.

Typical Tuesday morning; I can hear the neighbor working on some dirt bike project; revving the engine, and occasionally taking off down the street. I can hear kids playing in the distance. They love their music as they seem to be in sync as they sing in unison some silly pop song playing on their pods. My cat sits in the window sill smelling whatever it is that a cat smells and we occasionally seem to catch a glimpse of each other wondering what each of us is doing. A mutual cat nod and I am back to the computer drinking my coffee, smoking a cigarette and SNAP. The screen goes black.


Grab the coffee and the ashtray and place it on my drum in front of my easy chair.

Guess I’ll check the TV. What the hell. No TV. No power. I suddenly realize my battery back-up isn’t beeping. The clock on the stove isn’t lit up. The coffee maker isn’t displaying the time either. The kids aren’t singing and now I hear the neighbor cussing his bike from down the road.

I remember years ago when the power grid when out maybe 10, 12 years ago. Wyrm and I were setting up the airball field and ran out of gas for the leaf blower. We drove to the freeway and Sunoco couldn’t help us: No power. Went to Shell; No power, went to the Duke and there were a ton of people and they locked the doors and wouldn’t let anyone in. “Screw this scene” I said.

We headed back to the park. I went to call the office in Columbus. Nothing was working. No dial tone. I didn’t have a clue of what was going on. Wyrm headed home and I got on the tractor and went to work in the woods because I had diesel. It was about dark and I did my usual routine. Got on the Gator and went to gather down limbs to build a fire. I built a fire and headed back out to get some bigger logs to make coals. This is the life; I have a fire, I have something to drink, I get to watch the sunset over the pond, and I am about to cook over some hot coals. Life is good. The sweet sound of nature as dusk sets in and I am chilling by the fire.

Next morning I went to work out in the woods as usual. Nothing is out of the ordinary to me. Several hours later the boss shows up to check on me. I’m fine, doing well, building bunkers, making the woods safe and he is bewildered that I am oblivious to the whole Northeast part of the country is without power. Living out of the box is fine with me, but now in 2014 it is different…

Now a days we are bombarded with news and propaganda. The kind of stuff that is either political and you don’t know what to believe; or, it is the kind of stuff you should have seen the signs and should have been prepared for.

“I told you so…”

I lock all my windows. I shut off all the breakers. I grab my go bag and double check the inventory.

There a great deal of “I’s” when you know the shit is going to hit the fan.

I am typically ready for anything and dress accordingly. All I need to do now is see how my neighbors are reacting so I head outside.

As I head outside I say hello and pretend to pull some weeds. I am turning of the water main without being noticed. I pretend to not notice the power is out and nothing is working. I want to see the reactions of the neighbors.

Kenny is still cussing his bike that won’t turn over. The kids are acting entitled because their pods won’t work. Other neighbors start coming outside to see if anyone else has power or if their cell phone will work.

I see what is going on and politely excuse myself. I must gather what I can and go through the garage to load up my car. Well FUDGE! I load up my car and know damn well it isn’t going to start. I try to start it anyways. It doesn’t start.

Ok…time to dumb it down. I put on my fully loaded vest. Break down my rifle and stuff it in my pack, and get on a bicycle. Time to ride. Better than walking. I know I must get out of the city before everyone starts going nuts. Avoid the mob mentality at all cost.

I pray to Jesus that I know the difference between self-defense and murder. I must take a few minutes to think out what I have prepared. Avoid any extra weight or things that will compromise my mobility. Sorry my Lil buddy. I must prevent you from suffering…forgive me my beloved cat.

As I ride through the metro I see people still scratching their heads and trying to ask each other what the hell is going on. Cars just at a standstill on the roads. I am left alone. I appear to be some average looking Joe, riding a bike, wearing clothes like a homeless man carrying all his worldly possessions. I ride alone and I keep my eyes wide open for ambush or detours. I know that I do not want anyone to help me. Especially help from a group in uniform.

I know what is going on. I am prepared. Just like an event that can never happen…you know, like the destruction of thousands of lives from assault by airplane… can never happen.

Silent, but not so much deadly. We were assaulted by a foreign enemy. A strike so high you would never know it: Until nothing you loved worked anymore.

Time to love people and not things. To find those people you better get out of the city. People that are entitled certainly love those things.

Sorry America. We tried to tell you. You have been violated by EMP.

Darness Returns...

The Players:

Blue Team: The Practical Preppers motivations

I have a fire extinguisher and jumper cables. I knew one day I would use the solar panels I bought at the hardware store. I planned on having radios and extra batteries in a faraday cage. I planned a route in advance to get out of the city. I have means and a cache of food & water. I do not want confrontation. I wish to survive as normally as possible until the lights come back on.

Orange Team: The Tin Foil Hat motivations

Everyone is the enemy. No one is reasonable and I can trust no one. I will do whatever it takes to take what is mine and I will do it without prejudice. I wear a uniform and have marked myself as a combatant. I thrive in the mob mentality and carry a sign. Everything is futile. I am entitled.


9:10 Teams Fall In: March to Base Camps

9:30 Capture the Flag: Big Game Begins

Capture the flag between Orange & Blue. Capture the Flag is continuous until 3:30pm. A successful capture and hang awards your team 600 points. Referees will return flags to respective bases to maintain continuous game play. Practical Preppers (Dark Forest) hosts the Blue Base Camp. Tin Foil Hat (Sniper’s Hollow) hosts the Orange Base Camp. You are prohibited from touching or possessing opposing team’s flag or props.

10:15 This Could Never Happen: Dark Forest

OT Tin Foil Hat Mission – My car won’t start – neither will anyone else’s. The Tin Foil Hat must be taken to the Neutral Zone for investigation. Dominate the housing and transport the Tin Foil Hat prop to the neutral zone for extra team points. You must also try to eliminate the Practical Preppers to prevent them from existing. 1000 points.

BT Practical Preppers – Eliminate all Tin Foil Hats who are trying to retrieve the propaganda you thought would not be found. While trying to knock out the Tin Foil Hat and the education you have, you will have an ongoing battle trying to re-capture the TFH and your existance. You must accomplish this futile mission without prejudice. Claim the Tin Foil Hat propaganda for disposal to the neutral zone. 1000 points.

11:15 The People Panic: Battleport

OT Tin Foil Hat Mission – There are countless caches of the food & water. Your team must find and successfully capture at least 4 caches and bring them back to your base camp. 1000 points. You can also gain points by destroying the containers. Plant a “bomb” in container to “destroy” container. Each “bomb” placed in containers are worth 500 points each. “Bomb” must be undisturbed for 10 minutes to designate respective container is “destroyed”.

BT Practical Preppers Mission – Your team must protect the cache of food & water. Your team must find and successfully capture at least 4 caches and bring them back to your base camp. 1000 points. Your team can also gain points by “defusing the bombs” placed by the Citizens. Remove “bomb” from container and take to neutral zone for “disposal. Each “disposed/defused bomb” is worth 500 points each.

12:15 Don’t Be Scared – Be Prepared: Lost Temple

OT Tin Foil Hat Mission – Chaos has ensued due to lack of communication. There is a transmitter located in the crashed plane. The fuselage acted as a faraday cage. Capture the transmitter and bring to base camp to establish communications. 1000 points.

BT Practical Preppers Mission – Your team needs to protect what is yours. Destroy the transmitter by capturing it by bringing it back to your base camp for disposal. 1000 points

1:15 All Your Worldly Possessions: Fort Buckeye

OT Tin Foil Hat Mission – Your team is entitled to everything. You know all the money is in Fort Buckeye; you are destined to take it over so that it is controlled by the Tin Foil Hat. Game of domination. 500 points per 15 minutes of control of Fort. Appropriate team flag must be raised to signify control.

BT Practical Preppers Mission – Word on the streets is that the uprising of the entitled Tin Foil Hat is out of control and you must protect the banks at all cost….they will come back you know. Game of domination. 500 points per 15 minutes of control of Fort. Appropriate team flag must be raised to signify control.

2:15 Living Without Technology: Ambush Alley

OT Tin Foil Hat Mission – Your team needs to escape the confines of your town. There is a safe place within Ambush Alley that will give you time to stay human. You do not want to go without, so guard this almighty refuge of Mother Nature with vigilance. You gain 500 points for each 15 minutes of staying safe.

BT Practical Preppers Mission – Your team cannot allow the Tin Foil Hat to take your “safe place”. Defend your refuge in Mother Nature with as many eliminations as possible and take control of the land. You gain 500 points for each 15 minutes of denying the TFH’s vigilance.

3:00 Can We Make It: Sniper’s Hollow

OT Tin Foil Hat Mission – With your acquisition of the “Transmitter” from a previous mission, your team is aware that the Practical Preppers will be delivering an assault to protect what they have fought for. You need to send out squads of trained TFHs to seek and destroy the assassins that are delivering the assault of revenge from the PPs. Eliminate the assassins so that the PPs never make its destination. 1000 points.

BT Practical Preppers Mission – Aggression has come to a head. It is time to use the education and planning to assault the aggressors in mass quantities. Use your assassins to deliver the final blow to eradicate your enemies. Your team has 30 minutes to accomplish this task and wipe out the TFHs. If you decimate the TFH successfully then your team gains 1000 points.

3:30 Capture the flag ends and Rally for Reign in Paint at the mounds.

3:45 REIGN IN PAINT: The Grand Finale to a great day of paintball! Teams are assembled on the BattlePort and play our trademark game of Ironman. All safety rules must be followed. Game is over when referees decide one team has so much real estate the opposing team cannot defend its self or when we deem it appropriate to stop the game. It is the players’ responsibility to leave the field of play when you can no longer endure, when you run out of paint, or you run out of air. Once you call yourself eliminated or when the referees end the game there is a cease fire, barrel covers strap on, keep masks on and walk to the Midway to share your stories or participate in the Prize Toss.

4:00 Prize Toss & Raffle at the Paintball Ohio SuperSale

Keep track of your belongings: We are not responsible.

SAFETY FIRST – GOGGLES ON AT ALL TIMES WHILE IN SHOOTING AREAS – BARREL COVERS ON WHEN ELIMINATED, BEING INSERTED, AND IN NEUTRAL / PAVILION AREAS. Barrel Covers are mandatory and must be strapped on at all times unless actively playing the game. No shooting / dry firing in neutral or parking areas. No insertions from safe houses!


10/1/2006 - WAR ENSEMBLE


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9/28/2003 - AND THEN THERE WAS ONE...

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