This September through November 2014,  the woods at SplatterPark transform in the evenings to ZombiePark!

Zombie Hunting Returns September 20,2014.

 Take some practice shots at the Z.T.R.T.F. (Zombie Target Range Test Facility).

Then, board the Z.H.V (Zombie Hunting Vehicle), take your position in front of your zombie exterminator paintball gun, and be driven through the woods of SplatterPark as you

embark on your mission.

Shoot live zombies and other strategic targets as we unite to eradicate the Zombie Infestation of 2014!

Do you have what it takes to survive?


Fun for ages 5 and up.





ZombiePark is better than a haunted house or haunted forest and more fun than a plain old hayride.  Board the Z.H.V. and take aim at live roaming zombie targets.  All the fun of paintball without getting shot at or dirty.  Always wanted to shoot a paintball gun but were afraid of trying it?  ZombiePark is for you;  it's the fun of paintball without getting shot.  ZombiePark runs rain or shine with our covered hayride trailers.  Looking for an alternative in Central Ohio to the regular fall attractions? Come visit us at ZombiePark soon.


SplatterPark Paintball Games / ZombiePark

5560 County Road 109
Mount Gilead OH 43338
ZombiePark info and Ticket Hotline / SplatterPark Phone (419) 946-4964

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