When is ZombiePark?
The 2014 season is in full force and runs until November 15, 2014  -We are open Friday and Saturdays nights during this time.
  Click here for all remaining dates.
Do I need tickets for ZombiePark?
Tickets are highly recommended for ZombiePark.  The number of riders we can accommodate per hour is limited so we suggest locking in your time slot by buying tickets.  We anticipate large groups coming to ZombiePark and we will do our best to accommodate every hunter, but we can serve you better if you reserve your spot by buying tickets online and presenting them at the registration counter when you arrive. We don't want you to make the drive only to find out we are booked for the night.  Buy tickets now here.
If I have a Groupon, voucher or coupon, do I still need to reserve a time?
Again, we can only accommodote a finite number of hunters per night, so if you have a groupon, voucher or other coupon you will need to reserve a time slot.  Our online ticketing system will take Groupon and Living Social vouchers ony. If you have any other vouchers or coupons, please call the ticket hotline to reserve your time slot at  (419) 946-4964.
What if I just show up?
If you just show up to experience ZombiePark, you will be placed in the next available time slot for your ride.  If we are busy, you may wait for some time.  We suggest reserving your time slot by buying tickets.
What is ZombiePark?
During the evenings, SplatterPark turns into ZombiePark.  ZombiePark is a hayride experience where we take you on a custom fitted hay trailer that is mounted with 32 paintball guns and you hunt and shoot live Zombie targets in the woods.  We also have a target range to test your skills before going hunting.  So it is basically shooting zombies with paintball guns.
What is the minimum age for ZombiePark?
The minimum age for ZombiePark is 5, however you know your child better than we do and if they can handle this type of thing.  If they are afraid of being in the dark in the woods, you may want to try an earlier time slot. 
Will I be shot at?
Zombies don't shoot, they eat.  So you will not be shot at.  We will keep you safe at all times.
I reserved my time slot, so when should I show up?
We suggest showing up about 15 minutes before your time slot so that we can get you checked in and ready to board the Z.H.V.
How long is the ride?
The Z.H.V. hayride attraction is about 20 minutes start to finish.  You can spend as long as you like at the target range and enjoy the fire and other ambiance as the weather gets cooler.
Will I need to purchase anything else?
Each admission comes with 100 UV-Reactive Zombie Hunting Paintballs.  Players wishing to enjoy the target range and shoot more on the Z.H.V. may use 200 balls or more.  Extra UV-Reactive balls are $10/100.  Zombie t-shirts and other items may be available for sale and the concession stand will be open for hungry Hunters.
Can I book a group for ZombiePark?
To come as a group, just buy tickets online and choose the same time slot and ticket level for each Hunter.  The Z.H.V. holds 32 hunters, so we will do our best to keep your group together as long as you are in the same time block and ticket level.  If after looking at the online ticket portal, you still need help, call the ticket hotline at (419) 946-4964.
Can we bring our own paintballs and gun?
No, all Zombie Guns are permanently mounted on the Z.H.V., so you cannot bring your own gun. The paintballs for this attraction are special UV-Reactive balls that glow in the UV light emitted from the Z.H.V. - no other balls are allowed.
I have a Groupon or other Voucher that I bought for SplatterPark, can I use it for ZombiePark?
No, ZombiePark is a separate attraction from the regular open play at SplatterPark and only ZombiePark specific Groupons and Vouchers can be used at ZombiePark.  If you bought a discounted admission for SplatterPark, visit us on Saturday or Sunday for open play during 10am-4pm. 
How do I get the AR T-Shirt to work?
From an IOS or Android device click here to load the Augmented Reality app.
Other Questions?  Call us at (419) 946-4964

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